Women's Lib

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In this episode Bill becomes frustrated of Tim and Graeme of their lack of respect to women so Bill calls the Women's Liberation Front. Barbera (the Women's Liberation Inspector) calls on Tim and Graeme to work for Barbera's daddy because he's the most chauvinist person she knows. Graeme works as a butler while Tim really finds out what it is like to be a women and works as a house maid.

Tea trolley Have another quadratic equation

Graeme pushes his computer in
a swing Graeme and computer in a boat on the
lake of love Barbera, Bill, Graeme and computer in
the woods

Graeme: If I wanted an intelligent conversation I'd rather talk to my computer.

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Barbera: I don't care what you say Daddy, Bill is my new boy friend.
Daddy: But you're only a woman. You can't make important decisions like that. I mean can't she ol' boy.
Graeme: Of course not!
Bill: What?
Graeme: Well consider the facts. You see women are silly frivolous empty headed creatures - useful and decorative. Like a teapot. Damn it all you wouldn't expect a teapot to make up its own mind to know who to goes out with.

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