Royal Command

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The Royals have taken an interest in show business, they start in a small way by taking over the BBC. After the royals had broken every bone in their bodies after their show "The Tumbling Royals, Spectacular Equestrian Thrills, on Ice" they ask the Goodies to fill in. The royals also ask the Goodies to stand in for the coronation, besides the Royals missed it on the telly last time. However Tim gets himself crowned in the coronation which angers the royals.
Bill and Dad Royal Goodies being adulated by the

Tim as Queen Mum Tim is to be Queen

Rolf: Tie me kangaroo down sport. Tie me kangaroo down.
Crowd: Off. Off. Off.
Queen: Off with his didgeridoo

offdjdoo.wav 279Kb click here to listen