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Disco Dancing GraemeTheme Tune 2a
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Version 2a: 1975 (Shows #36 - #48)

Goodies, goody goody yum yum.

G - you need a helping hand,
O - you know we'll understand,
O - we're with you right to the end,
Everyone needs a friend (Goody goody goody)
D - we'll show you definitely
Y - you should employ us three.
We - can take on any old line,
Anything anytime (Hi hi hi) ***

Goodies - goody goody yum yum,
Goodies - we're coming for you,
Goodies - goody goody yum yum,
Here we come, into town,
Getting up, falling down.

*** (There is a second verse, as printed on the lyric
sheet included in "The New Goodies LP", but as it
has never appeared on the TV shows, I have not
reproduced it here. Version 2b is a re-recording
of 2a with a slightly different instrumentation.)

Lyrics Copyright Bill Oddie.
Lyric transcription by Matthew K Sharp, used with permission. Please visit Matthew's site for the Goodies FAQ at:
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