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Disco Dancing Graeme Theme Tune 1a
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Version 1a: 1970-1972 (Shows #1 - #21)


Take a little good advice;
Try a trip to paradise.
It's not hard to find,
You've got it on your mind,
You can't pretend it wouldn't be nice.

It's whatever turns you on.


A circus or a seaside pier,
A sausage or a can of beer,
A stripper or a clown,
Prices going down,
You can make it happen here.

Fine for all the family.


Goodies, goody goody yum yum!
Goodies, goody goody yum yum!
Goodies, goody goody yum yum!
The Goodies are coming for you
And you and you and you.

It's anything you want it to be, ***
A record or an OBE,
A four minute mile,
A policeman with a smile,
I know you won't believe what you see.
*** (Theme usually fades on this line
but there is a slightly longer version
on the very first episode.)

Lyrics Copyright Bill Oddie.
Lyric transcription by Matthew K Sharp, used with permission. Please visit Matthew's site for the Goodies FAQ at:
The Goodies Episode Guide

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