Sound Tracks

Soundtracks of episodes to download. They are the entire 30 min audio sound tracks for each episode, compressed with RealAudio.
The sound quality is not meant to be too good, afterall the original sound files were 100 Megabytes in size and have been reduced to a mere 1.7 Megabytes. But you get the whole episode.

Click with your right mouse button on the filename and select Save Target As... to download.

radiogoodies.ra Radio Goodies 1763 Kb. In Real Audio (29 minutes)
Earthana.ra Earthanasia 1540 Kb Kb. In RealAudio (This has a couple of minutes missing). (26 minutes)
Lochness.ra Lochness 1817 Kb. In RealAudio (31 minutes)
eckythump.ra Kung Fu Kapers 1649 Kb. In RealAudio (28 minutes)

tower_of_london_28kbps.ra Tower of London 3,346 Kb. In Real Audio.
robot_28kbps.ra Robot 2,807 Kb Kb. In RealAudio.
snooze_28kbps.ra Snooze 3,082 Kb. In RealAudio.

What can't hear no sound? Probably means you haven't downloaded RealAudio plugin for your web browser. Collect it at:

RealAudio RealAudio, a plugin to hear .ra files with Nutscrape, Injurenet Explorer, and probably other browsers.


If you are hearing any clicking or any other audio nasties during playback with RealAudio, try this:
    1. Click on 'Stop'
    2. Click on 'View' pull down menu.
    3. Click on 'Preferences'
    4. Click on 'Advanced'
    5. Click on 'Use 8-bit Only'
    6. Click on 'Okay'

You may find even on the fastest PC's that you are going to have to muck about in preferences. The above steps fixed a problem of clicking on my friend's P200.

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