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"Tie me kangaroo down sport. Tie me kangaroo down.
Off. Off. Off.
Off with his didgeridoo"
-Royal Command
offdjdoo.wav 279Kb

This is your leader speaking
-Radio Goodies
leader.wav 14Kb

"If I wanted an intelligent conversation I'd rather talk to my computer"
-Women's Lib
talkcomp.wav 89Kb

"Rolf Harris has been stolen"
-The Stolen Musicans
rolfstol.wav 36Kb

"I'm afraid he went a couple of years later, he was put away for having unnatural relationship with his computer"
-2001 and a Bit.
unnaturl.wav 161Kb

"Mum. Mum. I've found a Cornflake!"
-Goodies Plastic Spacemen
cornflak.wav 32Kb

"I don't care what you say Daddy, Bill is my new boy friend.
But you're only a woman. You can't make important decisions like that. I mean can't she ol' boy.
Of course not!
Well consider the facts. You see women are silly frivolous empty headed creatures - useful and decorative. Like a teapot. Damn it all you wouldn't expect a teapot to make up its own mind to know who to goes out with."
-Women's Lib
womenlib.wav 490Kb

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