The Goodies Rule - OK? The right and proper site for all your Goodies bits.
Frauke's Goodies Page Frauke's Goodies Page has a pattern to make your own goodies badge.
The unofficial Australian Site Shiney Shoes, Run and many more songs.
Matthew K Sharp's Goodies Censored Pages Have a look at what the television stations cut out from your favourite Goodies episode.
Goodies Down Under Has an episode guide.
Keith Topping's Goody, Goody, Yum, Yum! A brilliant synopsis of the series.
The Goodies Episode Guide Written by Matthew K. Sharp. It's your guide to every episode.
Rave's Retro Look at Television A short synopsis of a couple of episodes.
Cricklewod Offices Has a mini FAQ, pictures, and fan fiction.
BBC's Goodies Site The Beeb offers some juicy stuff and a video to watch.

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